Email & Cloud Services

Email and cloud services

Put your email, documents, calendars, and contacts in a secure cloud

Power of the cloud

We help companies improve access, save money, and increase security with carefully selected cloud services.


Keep your company email under control with advanced tools for email retention and archiving.

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Access Data

With the power of the cloud, you’ll have access to company data everywhere you go, on any device.

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Access Mobile

Access email, calendar, contacts, documents, and even applications from anywhere from your mobile device.

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Email Service setup and migration

Are you ready to upgrade your email service? Our experts will consult with you on your needs, set up the right service, migrate all of your existing company data, and assist each user with access, configuration, and training.

Cloud Server consultation

Meet with an expert cloud specialist to determine which technologies are right for your company. Compare the benefits of popular services and understand their differences.

Understand cloud costs

We help you compare the cost of cloud services to traditional in-house servers. We use a multi-year model to compare the true cost of cloud subscriptions to hardware purchase and maintenance.